ImageBullying is never fun, and it’s hurtful in so many ways. I don’t understand why people do it. Bullying causes alot in people. It not only makes them feel emotional but it also makes them feel like nothing. Everyone in society should be treated the way others want to be treated.

People who bully others for no reason causes the victims to feel stressed, scared, angry, sad, in shock, worried, lonely, insecure, doubtful,anxious,depressed, suicidal and more.

Some people can’t handle bullying so they decide to take their own life and kill themselves because they had suffered enough and wanted it to end. That is the option for most people.

When bullying happens, people try to run away from the situation. So they don’t go to school or work because they think that the same thing will happen to them no matter what.

What can happen

Bullying is a major part in people’s life and they would never forget the pain and emotion they feel. They may forgive the person but it will always be in their mind.  Bullying can also stop people from doing regular day to day activities. Such as concentrating in class because all they can think about is their pain from being bullied.

It can also affect your health by the change in appetite (if your being bullied about your weight), you can have difficulty sleeping and get headaches often.

It causes to have problems with speaking to people because you don’t know what they’ll say. You fill trapped  and people won’t understand the problems you’re facing.

Some kids who get bullied often believe that its their fault. They think their is something wrong with them that makes people bully them.

Just remember,your not alone. Their is so much support and love and a lot of help out their for you. You don’t have to blame yourself. Its never your fault when being bullied.

Talk to someone you trust and them how you feel. They will listen to your story and try to help you. We are in this together.